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Quarter-Life Crisis

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Common Causes:

  • Career indecision and job hunting.

  • Making long-term decisions for your future. 

  • Managing relationships.

  • Figuring out living on your own for the first time.

  • Lack of confidence.

  • Feeling behind, compared to peers.

A quarter-life crisis can take many different forms, as such it is difficult to apply any one definition to explaining what a quarter-life crisis is. In its most general definition, it is when one is attempting to transition out of early adulthood into a more settled and stable form of adulthood (Robinson, 2019). For some of us it feels like we are lagging behind when compared to our peers. Looking in from the outside they seem to have a better job, relationship, or lifestyle. We go through periods of high motivation to reach our goals but are quickly disappointed and frustrated by the obstacles in our way. For others of us we might feel as though we jumped into the commitments of adulthood too fast. We got the career we were striving for, or the relationship we wanted but now we feel stuck or dissatisfied. Asking ourselves, “if I still feel like this after getting what I wanted and worked so hard to achieve, now what?”


You are not alone in feeling this way and the good news is that what feels like a crisis can also be an opportunity. An opportunity to move forward in a more authentic and meaningful direction. In our work together my goal is to help you make this season of life a time for growth rather than a time of stagnation through:


  • Exploring and understanding more deeply the obstacles that are in your way and what a path forward looks like.

  • Reflecting on and cultivating your self-awareness around your strengths, values, and personality.

  • Clarifying your goals, direction, and necessary actions.

  • Discovering your authentic self

  • Increasing your self-confidence through the development of new skills and behaviors.

* Robinson, O.C. (2019). A longitudinal mixed-methods case study of quarter-life crisis during the post-university transition: Locked-out and locked-in forms in combination. Emerging Adulthood, 7(3), 167-179.

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