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What are the benefits of online therapy?

Secure HIPAA compliant online therapy can potentially provide many benefits for you over in-person therapy, depending on your unique situation and needs from therapy. Meeting online removes the potential awkwardness of sitting in a busy waiting room. The use of telehealth can make therapy accessible to more people, as you are not restricted by your geographical location or deterred by the commute into an office. Sometimes telehealth is just there as a nice safety net for times when the busyness of life or the unforeseen obstacles that may arise make it difficult to meet in person. For some people, the fact that they are physically located in their home provides them enough comfort to share more and go deeper than they could otherwise.

Is online therapy the same as meeting in person?

Yes and no. It is often a different type of experience compared to in person therapy however, it can be just as effective. One of the benefits of any form of therapy is that it is a designated time to be free of distractions and to focus on yourself. The same can happen during video therapy if you ensure that you are in a comfortable, quiet area that is free of distractions.

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